The REALTORS® Relief Foundation took its first step in establishing sustainable reserves through Hope Rising, the 20th Anniversary Campaign, with the goal of ensuring RRF is prepared to help those in need during times of crisis. Throughout its history, the REALTOR® community has generously responded to RRF’s requests for support following the occurrence of major natural disasters. The Foundation set an aspirational goal of raising $8,500,000 in 2021, an amount slightly above what was raised in 2001. Hope Rising successfully raised over $8,700,000 thanks to the generosity of REALTORS®, NAR REALTOR® Associations, MLS organizations, corporations in the real estate industry, and others who were captivated by the cause. The endeavor also provided an opportunity to educate REALTORS® on RRF’s history and 20 years of impact.

One of my strongest recollections I have from being a participant in the association’s response to the terrorist attacks of September 11th is the feeling of pride I had for being a member of the REALTOR® Family and working side-by-side with members to help our neighbors who were hurting and in need.  To be part of an association that is so deeply committed to giving back to local communities and improving the lives of others is so rewarding.  I truly believe the creation of the REALTORS®  Relief Foundation was the foundational moment when REALTORS® showed themselves to be good neighbors.

– John Dulczewski, Executive Vice President, Greater Boston Association of REALTORS®

When Oregon was decimated by wildfires in 2020, the REALTORS® Relief Foundation immediately provided a pool of funds for families in need of shelter. The Portland Metropolitan Association of REALTORS® did not wait for this local disaster before contributing to the Foundation. Instead, years ago our Board of Directors designated the RRF as its “charity of choice” and began proactively contributing funds annually. We never anticipated that relief would be needed in our own back yard, but when we made the plea, funds were immediately granted. I urge every local and state association to remember the REALTORS® Relief Foundation in its annual giving program. Whether future needs are in your own back yard, or across the country, through your generous contributions the REALTOR® family will be there to provide urgent support to families in need.

– Katherine Querin, CEO, Portland Metropolitan Association of REALTORS®, Oregon