20th Anniversary Campaign

Honoring the Past and Preparing for the Future

$8.5M Donated | Our Goal: $8.5M


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REALTORS® Relief Foundation: Hope Rising

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Purpose Statement:

The REALTORS® Relief Foundation (RRF) 20th Anniversary Campaign is the Foundation's first step in establishing a sustainable reserve fund to ensure RRF is always prepared to help those in need during times of crisis. Throughout its history, the REALTOR® community has generously responded to RRF’s requests for support following the occurrence of major natural disasters. By proactively building and maintaining a substantial reserve, the Foundation will be equipped to mobilize without delay at the onset of any disaster and ready to respond for decades to come.

Twenty Years in the Making

In the 20 years since the REALTORS® Relief Foundation was founded, the members and partners of NAR and its State and Local Associations have done remarkable work to keep roofs over the heads of those in their communities. Furthermore, it is their generosity and financial support that has enabled RRF to distribute the more than $33 million that has done immeasurable good for people affected by natural disasters.

As the Foundation commemorates its 20th anniversary, it has a bigger vision for the future and believes with new processes, it could increase its impact and persist as a strong resource for all communities impacted by disasters.

In its current state, RRF is distributing funds almost as quickly as they are received. When a major disaster occurs, the Foundation promptly mobilizes its outreach efforts and turns to NAR members and other constituents for support. Although this has produced meaningful results, there is little consistency which creates uncertainty about the extent to which RRF will be able to provide financial aid for any given disaster.

To better position the Foundation for the next 20 years, RRF is launching the 20th Anniversary Campaign to begin shifting its fundraising efforts to a proactive, sustainable model to ensure that RRF is prepared to respond to any disaster at a moment’s notice.

The ultimate goal of the Foundation is to never say ‘no’ to those in need during a time of disaster. Achieving this vision will take time, but every journey must begin somewhere. With nearly $1.7 million granted by RRF on average each year, this effort is just the beginning of the Foundation’s journey to never say “no.”

We don’t know where or when disaster may strike next, but we know that RRF, NAR, and the REALTORS® we represent will be ready and able to help.