Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, fires, earthquakes. While we never know where or when they may strike, one thing is certain – they leave in their wake nothing but destruction and devastation.

When communities are in need, REALTORS® are there to provide hope and make a difference. It is for this very reason that the REALTORS® Relief Foundation created its mission to provide housing-related assistance to victims of disasters.

To actualize our vision to never say no to a neighbor in need, the REALTORS® Relief Foundation begins its next fundraising effort with the 2023 Annual Campaign, Heroes for Hope.

REALTORS®, Associations, and industry partners have generously supported RRF in its proactive initiatives allowing RRF to aid over 2,000 families via $9M in disaster relief since 2021. By working alongside state and local associations, and through the added generosity of NAR members and corporate partners, the REALTORS® Relief Foundation is able to react quickly when disaster strikes to provide crucial funding that our state and local partners can access to provide direct housing-related assistance to families impacted.

Keeping it 100: When you give to the REALTORS® Relief Foundation, you do so with the confidence of knowing that 100% of your contribution will go directly to providing assistance to those impacted by disasters. We are able to do this because all administrative costs are covered by the generosity of the National Association of REALTORS®.

Heroes for Hope exist across the nation – they come from all walks of life and are the first to step up to show they care for communities. Many of them proudly wear the “R” and call themselves REALTOR®.

Families impacted by disasters need us – and we need YOU. Can we count on you to become a 2023 Hero for Hope?

Become a Hero for Hope today!

Our Promise: 100% of donations go directly to victims of disasters.

2023 Campaign Leadership

Kitty Wallace

Kitty Wallace, Chair

Mike Inman

Mike Inman, Vice-Chair


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