The REALTORS® Relief Foundation is focused on helping families rebuild their lives following a disaster, such as the tornadoes that hit Kentucky in December. See the powerful impact of RRF and local REALTOR® associations.

Take the Lead Before the Need

Disaster Cleanup and Assessment

The REALTORS® Relief Foundation is being called upon more frequently to respond to disasters. From tornados to wildfires, it is crucial that RRF stands ready to provide relief to any community in need. The Hope Rising: 20th Anniversary Campaign was RRF’s first step into proactive fundraising and establishing reserve funds. The 2022 Annual Campaign will continue these efforts to equip the Foundation with the resources needed to immediately grant assistance when disaster strikes.

RRF is a REALTOR® led organization that directly impacts the communities we serve. It is a physical example of REALTORS® going the extra mile, accurately depicting the REALTOR® heart and the care we invest in our neighborhoods. We don’t know where or when disaster may strike next, but we know that RRF, NAR, and the REALTORS® we represent will be ready and able to help.

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Funds In Action

Between the last week of 2021 through the first month of 2022, RRF granted $3,735,000 to five disasters including:

  • Kentucky Tornados
  • Kansas Wildfire
  • Arkansas Tornado
  • Colorado Wildfire
  • Tennessee Tornado

RRF’s recent relief efforts were approved and granted within days providing immediate funding to the areas affected. This would not have been possible a year ago prior to Hope Rising.

“One of our REALTOR® members was impacted by the latest tornado in Kentucky. It wiped out his house. He got under his bed grabbed onto his mattress, and when it was over, all he had left was his mattress. These funds help real people like this who have been displaced with nothing left.”

– Jim DeMaio, CEO, REALTOR® Association of Southern Kentucky

2022 Heroes for Hope

RRF extends a sincere thank you to  the following supporters. We understand that in today’s landscape, every financial commitment is a strategic decision that requires careful consideration. Thank you for choosing to give to the REALTORS® Relief Foundation.


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The REALTORS® Relief Foundation thanks this year's donors for their support.