View and Download Code of Ethics Centennial Videos and Presentation

NAR has developed videos and a presentation commemorating the centennial of the NAR Code of Ethics.

  1. Video: NAR's Code of Ethics Celebrates 100 Years

    View online | Download (MP4 format; 338 MB)
  2. Video: Historical Origins of the Code of Ethics

    Original version (11:45)
    View online | Download (MP4 format; 137 MB)

    Extended version (26:19)
    View online
  3. PowerPoint presentation: Code of Ethics History

    Download (ZIP file, 7 MB)
    Note: The zip file contains two files: a PowerPoint presentation, and a music file (Morningonthefield.mp3), which must be downloaded to the same folder. To start the presentation, go to the "Slide Show" menu, start the slide show from the beginning, and it will automatically proceed through each slide with pre-recorded settings.


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Stylish color poster of the 2017 NAR Code of Ethics


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