Request Local Recognition of the Code’s Centennial

Honor 100 years of the Code of Ethics at the local level by requesting official recognition of the centennial.

Use these templates to request commemorative statements and coverage from elected officials, local organizations, and members of the press. Customize these letters with details relevant to your own association, leadership, and news outlets, and print them on your association's letterhead:


Code of Ethics Training

All options below fulfill the requirement.

  • Continuing Education (CE)
  • FREE Course for Existing Members
  • FREE Course for New Members
  • Information for AEs

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The Code of Ethics is available in the following languages:


Chinese Simplified & Traditional
Danish & French
German & Italian
Japanese & Korean
Portuguese & Romanian
Russian & Spanish
Tagalog & Vietnamese

The Code of Ethics in English is the only official version for purposes of enforcement.

2018 Code of Ethics Poster

View or print a stylish color poster of the 2018 NAR Code of Ethics (PDF) suitable for framing and hanging in your office.