Pathways to Professionalism is a list of professional courtesies for voluntary use by REALTORS®. Originally developed by the Professional Conduct Work Group in 1998, the "Pathways to Professionalism" was updated and approved by the NAR Board of Directors at the 2004 Annual Conference and Expo.

The REALTOR® Association of West/South Suburban Chicagoland took the NAR Pathways to Professionalism one step further developed a dynamic 15 minute video articulating its key concepts and courtesies. With the Association's concurrence, segments of this video are available for viewing on

There are three short video segments covering Respect for the Public, Respect for Property, and Respect for Peers. There is also an introductory video segment and a concluding video segment. Each NAR Pathways to Professionalism segment listed below is two to seven minutes long.

  1. Introduction to NAR Pathways to Professionalism
  2. Respect for the Public
  3. Respect for Property
  4. Respect for Peers
  5. Conclusion to NAR Pathways to Professionalism