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Residential and Commercial Practitioners: The course for existing members offers the ability to customize the content for members working in either residential or commercial real estate. When registering you'll be asked to choose the appropriate course track, residential or commercial. A separate training course is available for new members to the association.

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A tour is available to help make your online training experience as productive as possible and to answer frequently asked questions about the course. You can watch the full video tour or choose to view specific segments.


The course can be completed in one session (approximately 2 1/2 hours), or completed in parts within 30 days from the start. After each Quick Review Quiz, the course can be exited and started again with the next lesson. Failure to complete a Quick Review Quiz prior to exiting the course will require that lesson be taken over. Individuals have 30 days from the original start date to complete the entire course without having to re-register and start from the beginning.


The course includes a final exam and requires a minimum score of at least 75% to receive credit. View Course Outline.


A NRDS ID is required to register. Registration information is requested in the first few screens of the course.


There are three ways to confirm the course has been taken and successfully completed. First, information on the successful completion of the course automatically updates to an individual's NRDS education record. Second, a certificate of completion is emailed to individuals who successfully complete the course. Third, the link above () can be used to view a list of individuals who have successfully completed/passed the course.


Throughout the course optional audio files are available. If you do not have the RealPlayer plugin, you can download a free version of RealPlayer Basic from


Questions on the course can be directed to the Member Policy Department of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® at (312) 329-8399.

Additional Information:
For more information go to Ethics Training Resources.


Code of Ethics Training

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  • Continuing Education (CE)
  • FREE Course for Existing Members
  • FREE Course for New Members
  • Information for AEs

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