State and Local Market Information

Research is working to bring NAR members more information that is locally relevant. We’ve just released three new projects that focus on state and local markets. These state and local reports are available online to members only. You must log in with your user name and password to access them.

State Mortgage Conditions
32 percent of homeowners nationwide now own a debt-free home, and subprime exposure is decreasing. The report presents the current level of subprime exposure and its impact upon foreclosure activity in your state. Find out how your state compares with the national data.

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State Economic Impact of Housing
How is the housing market in your state affecting the local economy? These reports outline the total economic impact of real estate related industries on the state economy, as well as the expenditures that result from a single home sale, including aspects like home construction costs, real estate brokerage, mortgage lending and title insurance. Find out how much the real estate industry is affecting the Gross State Product for your state.

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Metro Area Wealth Gain
How has the wealth of current homeowners changed as a result of home ownership? One way to answer that question is to create a snapshot of the equity individuals who purchased a home at the median price 5, 10, 15, and 20 years ago would have built up if they had kept that home through 2007. We did that for 154 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs), and the findings yield some expected and unexpected results. Find out how your metro area is doing.

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Metropolitan Area Existing-home Prices and State Existing-home Sales
The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® Existing-Home Sales Series is the premier measurement of the residential real estate market. NAR releases statistics on state-by-state existing-home sales and metropolitan area median home prices each quarter. The state existing-home sales report includes single-family houses, condos and co-ops. The price report reflects sales prices of existing single-family homes by metropolitan statistical area (MSA).

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2007 Market-by-Market Home Price Analysis Reports
These market-by-market reports were updated in September and October of 2007 and are available online to members only. You must log in with your user name and password to access 2007 Home Price Analysis reports.

These reports are available to nonmembers for a fee. Request Home Price Analysis Reports.

Be sure to specify which report(s) you are interested in purchasing. A representative will respond within two business days.

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