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QUIZ: Staging Savvy

 To make a home look its best and command the highest selling price, it must be easy for prospective buyers to picture themselves living there. That’s where staging comes into play. With the help of Barb Schwarz, founder of and author of Home Staging: The Winning Way to Sell Your House for More Money, we developed this quiz to boost your staging savvy.

1.It is five days before the open house, and your clients’ living room is filled to the brim with clutter that they don’t want to throw away. What is their best option?

2.When is the best time for sellers to start packing for the move?

3.When staging a room, you should:

4.In staging, the “Rule of Three” states that:

5.Affordable items that can be used for staging include:

6 .To make a child’s room look most appealing to prospective buyers:

7 .Which of the following factors plays a role in staging a home:

8 .The best colors for walls in a staged home are:

9 .If carpet in the home is worn, stained, or patterned, what should the seller do?

10.To make a laundry room look its best: