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QUIZ: Sexual Harassment Awareness

 Sexual harassment is a serious offense that not only interferes with work performance, but also can create a hostile, intimidating, and offensive work environment. Gain a better awareness of what constitutes sexual harassment with this simple test.

1.Most sexual harassment is based on sexual advances.

2.Before someone can complain of sexual harassment, he or she must have lost some tangible job benefit.

3.The company can be held liable for sexual harassment committed by its brokers or sales associates.

4.A broker can be held liable if a client, customer, contractor, or other non-employee sexually harasses a sales associate.

5.If you are talking to a co-worker about sexual fantasies and another sales associate overhears the conversation, that person can't complain of sexual harassment because the comment wasn’t directed at him or her.

6.If a person submits to sexual harassment and engages in a sexual act with someone from the office, he or she can't complain about it afterward.


06/19/2019 12:04 PM