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QUIZ: Buyers' Favorite Features

 What do buyers want most in a new home? Find out how well you know your customers’ house-hunting priorities. This quiz covers some of the top findings from the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®’ 2007 Profile of Buyers’ Home Feature Preferences,
which collected responses from more than 2,500 buyers who recently purchased a home. The information can give you an edge in working with buyers and marketing your listings.

1.What single home feature do buyers say they want most in a new home?

2.What’s the median size of homes purchased between late 2005 and early 2007?

3.Repeat buyers tend to be choosier than first-time buyers. In particular, repeat buyers place much more emphasis on these home features:

4.Within three months after buying a home, nearly half of all buyers remodeled or made improvements to which part of the house?

5.Which home feature saw the biggest jump in buyer popularity since 2004, when NAR conducted its previous buyer preference survey?

6.What three features did buyers say they’d be most willing to pay extra for in a home?

7.A home’s energy efficiency is most important to which segment of buyers?

8.Where do first-time home buyers tend to purchase a home?

9.What’s the most common type of home purchased?

10.What did new-home buyers most wish their home had more of?