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Daily Real Estate News  |  April 5, 2011  |   Help a Property Appeal to More Buyers
When real estate agent Kathryn Madison listed a vintage home that looks like a traditional ranch house on the outside but meets all the criteria of Midcentury Modern on the inside, she knew some buyers would be put off by the fact that many of the fixtures were the originals from when the home was built in 1948.

She says there is a museum quality to the home; and while some buyers are able to appreciate it, they also cannot bring themselves to remodel it. However, Madison wanted to cater to all three buyer types -- those who would love the home as is, those who would be respectful to the era in their improvements, and those who would alter the home to meet their needs.

She took hundreds of photos of the home and posted them online, many of the photos of the property without furnishings for a virtual staging tool that would enable buyers to see how more contemporary features could spruce up the home.

Such a move helped Madison sell it within a matter of months.

Source: "The Art of Selling a Vintage Home," Inman News (04/04/11)

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