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Daily Real Estate News  |  April 29, 2010  |   Households Unfazed by Expiring Tax Credits
The expiration of the home buyer tax credits won’t deter optimistic households who believe the market is improving, according to a survey released Wednesday by Prudential Real Estate and Relocation Services.

More than 90 percent of those surveyed believe the home buyer tax credits have helped both first-time buyers and the overall housing market, but 65 percent say that end of tax credits won’t reduce their personal interest in buying a home.

Over the next five years, 79 percent expect real estate prices to increase, and 20 percent expect prices to rise substantially. Only 12 percent believe prices will decrease.

Among renters, 75 percent believe owning a home is a better long-term choice for them than renting.

The majority of consumers also believe that homeownership is a good investment, with 75 percent saying it is better than stocks or bonds, 72 percent preferring it to mutual funds, and 74 percent saying it surpasses savings accounts.

Source: Prudential Real Estate and Relocation Services, Inc. (04/28/2010)

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