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Daily Real Estate News  |  April 24, 2009  |   Trulia Introduces 'Hair Cut' Search Engine
Trulia rolled out its new search filter that allows homebuyers to look only for those homes that have had price reductions since first coming on the market.

Trulia says that 27 percent of homes currently for sale nationwide had their prices trimmed at least once.

"It doesn't matter if your price point is $200,000 or $2 million, in these difficult times people are searching for the best deals they can find on homes," Trulia CEO Pete Flint says. "Our new price-reduction functionality makes it easier for people to find the home of their dreams without laboring through unwanted results."

Here the percentages of Trulia listings with price reductions in 15 of the largest metropolitan areas, along with the average reduction in price:

1. New York – 39 percent of homes had a reduction, with an average of 14 percent off the original list price
2. Los Angeles – 33 percent, 13 percent
3. Phoenix – 32 percent, 12 percent
4. San Francisco – 30 percent, 13 percent
5. Las Vegas – 28 percent, 16 percent
6. Boston – 28 percent, 8 percent
7. Houston – 27 percent, 6 percent
8. Albuquerque – 26 percent, 7 percent
9. Chicago – 25 percent, 8 percent
10. San Diego – 25 percent, 9 percent
11. Miami – 25 percent, 15 percent
12. Philadelphia – 22 percent, 8 percent
13. Atlanta – 21 percent, 11 percent
14. Seattle – 20 percent, 8 percent
15. Denver – 18 percent, 7 percent

Source: Trulia (04/24/2009)

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