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Daily Real Estate News  |  July 10, 2007  |   How to Grow Your Leads in a Slower Market
Experts note that the housing downturn means real estate agents need to focus more of their efforts on marketing, especially online.

Point2 COO Brendan King suggests putting rich content on the Internet including a multitude of property photos and allowing consumers to decide when to contact the agent for further information.

"I say put the data out there in the places that people are looking, track the analytics, build a model based on their online activity and then give them information about what the model tells you they are interested in," says King, who discourages requiring consumers to register to view the data.

Rusty Lindquist, a la mode's vice president of agent and broker products, recommends that real estate professionals put aside a little bit of every commission they collect for marketing expenses. He notes that keyword marketing to boost search-engine rankings is both affordable and effective especially for those who have narrowed their marketing focus to a particular niche or neighborhood.

Lindquist underscores the importance of responding to all leads, even those that are not likely to convert to closed transactions in the near future. "Keep the consumer in control let the consumer control their timetable," advises Matt Heinz, HouseValues Inc. senior marketing director.

Source: Inman News, Glenn Roberts Jr. (07/09/07)

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