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Daily Real Estate News  |  November 29, 2006  |   Seattle MLS Plans to Pull Out of
The Northwest Multiple Listing Service, which serves the Seattle area, plans to stop sending its home listings to when its contract expires in April.

Supporters of the move say that it will refocus the MLS on accomplishing its original mission – providing real estate professionals with sales information.

"It's always been our feeling and the board's feeling that the multiple listing service should not in any way be involved in marketing,” Jack Johnson, president and chief executive of Northwest MLS, says.

Those opposed to the change say large real estate companies are behind it because they want to impede the competition on and on Google, which indexes homes displayed on

Mike Skahen, owner of Lake and Co. Real Estate and a Northwest MLS board member, dismisses the suggestion that real estate firms can continue to send their listings on their own, calling it "ridiculously inefficient" and more expensive.

"Unfortunately, the large companies have chosen to take the position that if they can provide a service to their members (themselves) they don't want the MLS to provide it to everybody, even if they can do it at no cost," he says.

Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Aubrey Cohen (11/28/2006)

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