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Daily Real Estate News  |  September 22, 2006  |   Buyer Realizes Condo Is Smaller Than Advertised
Fort Lauderdale real estate professional Rebecca Riley bought what she thought was a 2,618-square-foot condominium last year for $873,000.

But when she moved it, she realized the unit is really only 2,100 square feet. Now she's suing developers Tarragon South Development Corp. and Omni Development Corp. for $161,170, which equals the difference in price per square foot.

The Web site for the condo development shows the two-bedroom, three-bath unit Riley bought as being 2,618 square feet, excluding the balcony. But the true size of the unit can be found deep within the condominium declaration, a 236-page legal document given to each unit owner.

''When she sells the unit, she's going to sell a 2,100-square-foot unit, and she's going to take a bath,'' says John Uustal, Riley's Fort Lauderdale lawyer.

Source: Miami Herald, Patrick Danner (09/22/2006)

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