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Daily Real Estate News  |  September 29, 2004  |   Fla.: Government Helps Step Up Roof Repairs In response to Hurricanes Charley and Frances, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has signed Executive Order Number 04-210, which authorizes city and county governments to issue specialty roofing licenses without the need for additional locally enacted ordinances. The specialty licenses can be issued to both in-state and out-of-state contractors who fulfill the requirements. To be eligible, applicants must present an affidavit of competency from their original jurisdiction. The affidavit must be signed by their local building official or their designee and indicate that the contractor has satisfactorily performed roofing work with wood shakes, asphalt, or fiberglass shingles. Applicants must also present proof of compliance with applicable workers’ compensation as required by Chapter 440, Florida Statutes. They must also present proof of public liability and property damage insurance. Local jurisdictions may impose discipline upon these specialty roofing licenses as they would for other specialty licensees and can also assess a minimum processing fee to cover the costs of issuing the license. All roofing work is still required to be permitted and inspected, and building departments remain authorized to enforce code requirements and corrective measures. Spearheaded by the Florida Home Builders Association, the executive order temporarily alters contractor licensing regulations in order to keep the state's home-building industry on track. The goal, says Edie Ousley, FHBA's director of public affairs, is to provide qualified labor and quality materials to begin the rebuilding process in regions hit hard by the hurricanes. "We're thankful that the governor issued this order allowing out-of-state, licensed contractors to help with re-roofing homes in Florida," says Ousley. She adds that the FHBA will be "monitoring the rebuilding efforts very closely" over the next few months. By Bridget McCrea for REALTORŪ Magazine Online

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