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Corporations and Foundations:

For over 17 years, IRPF has attracted additional gifts from other foundations and corporate donors who have an interest in creating strong private property markets in developing countries as a means to promote economic growth, alleviate poverty, develop strong democracies and foster citizens’ commitment to an orderly, responsible civil society.

“We’ve been very impressed with how the Foundation has presented itself, how the Foundation is received, and the institutional credibility of the Foundation… they are a great partner for corporations looking to make a difference in property rights and real estate.” Wayne Doran, Former CEO, Ford Land Development Corporation, and Member, IRPF Advisory Board

Corporations can support the work of IRPF by joining the Corporate Partner Program which allows companies to gain marketing access to the Foundation’s international partners in emerging economies around the world.

“The relationships that can grow out of such work will surely form the basis for future successful business alliances.” Gerald L. Jacobs, Attorney, Greenberg Traurig, LLP, and Member, IRPF Advisory Board


IRPF has adapted Western real estate experiences and practices to the specific situations and needs in each country. IRPF uses successful real estate experts and practitioners to provide “real world” training, technical assistance and advice. These advisors provide substantial in-country assistance and guidance to association counterparts and provide continuity throughout the life of the partnership.

Individuals committed to the vision of IRPF can become involved through individual gifts to IRPF as a 501c(3) Foundation. Donors may give a general gift to show their support for IRPF or may become more involved and direct funds for projects in specific countries.

“These issues aren’t things I usually think about in my day-to-day business, but selling a house to a new immigrant can make you realize that the work of IRPF pays off in your own backyard.” Rita M. Dinger, JD, Associate Broker, HOME Real Estate, Lincoln, Nebraska

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For more information about programs or giving, contact IRPF:

International Real Property Foundation
430 North Michigan Avenue, 6th Floor
Chicago, IL 60611
Tel: (312) 329-8692
Fax: (312) 329-8227 (please notify by phone prior to fax)

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