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CHICAGO (Aug 29, 2006) -- The International Real Property Foundation (IRPF) recently joined with the Urban Land Institute (ULI) to form a partnership formalized by a Strategic Alliance Agreement. IRPF announced this partnership earlier today that will allow it to collaborate on policies issues and leadership training within the land development and real estate industries in emerging national economies.

ULI, based in Washington, DC, is a research and education membership organization, with a mission to “provide responsible leadership in the use of land to enhance the total environment.” This mission is realized through research, policy recommendations, and the establishment of industry best practices. Speaking on ULI’s position as an industry best practices expert, IRPF Chairman Joe Hanauer stated, “By combining ULI’s development expertise and large public presence with IRPF’s ability to form international networks of real estate professionals, we hope to reach underserved real property markets and provide worldwide training and technical assistance.”

IRPF is based in Chicago, Illinois, and is devoted to creating viable, private real estate markets worldwide which are essential for strong democracies and developing economies. This mission is achieved through work supported by the following core strategies: to develop partnerships in the commercial sector; to create alliances with other real estate related trade organizations; and, to position IRPF as the "standard setter" in real estate reform in emerging markets around the world.

For more information about ULI or IRPF, please visit their websites at and, or contact Sylvia Luchini, Managing Director of IRPF at (312) 329-8692.

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