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The International Real Property Foundation (IRPF) and the recently formed Professional Association Management Group (PAMG) have entered into an agreement to implement a short-term technical assistance program in Georgia. The program has been approved by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and is aimed at elevating the knowledge and productivity of real estate professionals in Georgia.

As proposed, the Georgia Professional Association Management Group (PAMG) will manage two separate entities—the Georgian Real Estate Association (GREA) and Georgian Federation of professional Asset Valuators (GFPAV). Both associations are separate entities while at the same time moving aggressively forward to meet the needs of their respective professional memberships. Lela Shatirishvili will act as the country coordinator for the PAMG with guidance and expertise in Association Management coming from IRPF consultant Judith Lindenau.

Together, PAMG and the leadership of its organizations are responsible for assuring that the client associations’ goals and objectives are being met. The PAMG is also responsible for its own profitability and viability as a separate corporate entity.

One role of PAMG is to serve as a valuable resource to the volunteers. PAMG staff assists the client association volunteers in being mission-driven by developing a clear vision of success and implementing activities to ensure that stated goals and objectives are achieved.

PAMG is also charged with the implementation of programs as contracted by the employing association in a long-range plan and annual works. These programs include advocacy and lobbying for professional concerns, establishment and administration of MLS, assistance in law drafting activities, and members’ professional trainings with the final goal to strengthen these associations.

Recently, a financial audit was performed on PAMG, and now the association has a full accounting of all records. The association also opened a bank account and discussed membership fees and regulations as well as methods of generating alternative sources of income.

IRPF is currently making logistical arrangements to send an expert consultant to deliver training in both Brokerage Office Management & Sales Training and Appraisal to result in members’ certifications. IRPF has confidence in the role of PAMG and strongly believes that the organizations’ joint efforts will bring about positive change in Georgia’s real-estate industry leading to higher standards of practice, greater transparency in the market, and more knowledgeable professionals.

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