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Norm Flynn: International Pioneer and 2009 Hall of Leaders Award Winner

Norman Flynn outside of the NAR offices in Chicago, IL
Photo credit: Chris Bucher, Chris Bucher Photography

The International Real Property Foundation is pleased to report that the current cover story of Real Estate Business features IRPF President and CEO Norman Flynn: International Pioneer and 2009 Hall of Leaders Award Winner. The article pays homage to Flynn’s extensive travels over the past 30 years evaluating and studying real estate practices in Central/Eastern Europe, Western Europe, the far East, South America and Africa on behalf of IRPF and NAR, and his 39 years experience as a practicing real estate professional.

With a background in Communications, Flynn began his career as a speech coach and soon fell into commercial real estate which allowed him to pursue his interest in international real estate. His early work on behalf of IRPF placed him in the former Soviet Union countries where he relayed the history and accomplishments of the US real estate industry, who he represented as the President of NAR. “What sets our young country apart,” he explains, “ is that from the beginning, we were the only citizens who had the right to freely own, use and sell property. It is an open system, and as a result, we have evolved a system of quick and direct transfers. We tell our contacts in these countries, ‘Don’t replicate what we are doing, but explore it and see what works for you.’” (Picket, Nov 2009, p. 21)

Flynn’s skills as a communicator have been put to good use in the international arena and the US throughout his career. He has helped design and/or spoken at five International Real Estate Foundation (FIABCI) World Congresses, 11 Central European Real Estate Association Network (CEREAN) conferences, two World Bank workshops and more than 100 National Association of Realtors (NAR) meetings. Flynn’s efforts on behalf of IRPF include in-depth country assessments, intervention solutions to help improve markets, association development and strengthening, and hands-on real estate training, to name a few.

Friend and fellow IRPF consultant, Art Godi recounts his travels abroad with Flynn saying, “We’d fly 25 or 30 hours to get somewhere, and I could barely find my way to the bed once we got to the hotel. He went in, showered, changed and started meeting with folks. I could barely function; he was unphased. Norm has an amazing energy level, and more importantly, a tremendous mind, intellect and dedication” (Picket, Nov/Dec 2009, p. 22).

IRPF Chairman Joe Hanauer also attests to Flynn’s immense energy and intellect, stating “There are a lot of people who are good communicators, but aren’t brilliant; there are those who are smart, but lack the drive and energy. Norm is remarkable in that he possesses all of these qualities. He is more interested in the outcome than his point of view. He listens, creates an environment in which people are encouraged to engage and contribute and ultimately creates a consensus. In doing so, he is able to accomplish great things” (Picket, Nov/Dec 2009, p. 19).

IRPF’s success in some 26 countries over the past 17 years is owed in great part to the tremendous involvement of Flynn. As Godi puts it, “He basically created international real estate” (Picket, Nov/Dec 2009, p. 23). IRPF would like to congratulate Norman Flynn on his many years of success in international real estate and his recent honor as the 2009 Hall of Leaders Award Winner.

Real Estate Business is published by the Council of Real Estate Brokerage Managers (CRB). For the full article from Real Estate Business, click here.

Picket, Patricia. (Nov/Dec 2009). “Norm Flynn: International Pioneer and 2009 Hall of Leaders Award Winner.” Real Estate Business, 19-23).

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