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The International Real Property Foundation’s President and CEO Norm Flynn traveled to Bangalore and New Delhi, India in March 2008 to participate in the National Association of Realtors India (NARI) Board of Directors meeting and Protocol Signing. The trip revealed the quick success NARI has experienced in building its association and also gave insight into the structure of the Board and its new system of election which fosters fair practices with a nationally driven agenda.

Great progress was made in continued work with the Board of Directors giving it direction and following through on previously planned activities. The BOD meeting held on March 3, 2008 in Bangalore included the finalization and handing over of the association’s business plan to IRPF, the finalization of Charter Agreements to be signed with city associations, as well as plans for the hiring of the Executive Director.

Norm Flynn reported on the significant progress that NARI has made in remarkable time including their putting together of the legal framework for the Board of Directors, initiating its original activity and bringing into the organization nearly 600 members in a matter of months. NARI made assignments to visit 11 additional Associations which should bring their membership between 1,000 and 1,200 by years’ end. They have in place curricula for a “Broker Certification Program” and will “grandfather” in with minor testing approximately 1,900 people who have taken courses either through the India Institute of Real Estate (IIRE) or the National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO).

Additionally, NARI elected a President-Elect, Ravi Varma, who will assume the presidency in April of 2008 when the current president who will have served for 2 years, Farook Mahmood will become the “Immediate Past-President” and a Member of the Board. At the next Annual Meeting in April, they will stagger the terms of the Board of Directors so that they expire every 3 years. This will be done by random drawing as to who would serve 1, 2 or 3 year terms. They will limit the number of Regional Representatives so that the Board of Directors has a national and centrally driven agenda. They will create a Regional Presidents Committee which will help nominate the Board Members and meet on a regular basis reporting to the Board.

Following the BOD meeting, on March 4t NARI held a Protocol Signing with seven Regional Associations. In addition, they held two successful educational programs including an International Consortium of Real Estate Associations (ICREA)-sponsored Trans-National Referral Certification (TRC) course and Buyer’s Agency course taught by Gail Lyons for 125 students which was co-sponsored by Bangalore and the Chennai Regional Organization. Norm Flynn reported, “For them to achieve 125 participants out of a membership of approximately 600 is a remarkable achievement. There is substantial leadership in place with the Association which will help it grow and develop.”

After the signing, the key people at the head of the organization held a news conference which had approximately 40 reporters including 4 television cameras. NARI founding member and President Farook Mahmood gave an excellent speech and Norm Flynn spoke on IRPF’s involvement including the cooperative agreement with USAID. Norm reported that it was one of the better news conferences he had been to in some time.

In summary, the Board Meeting and Protocol signing demonstrated the great accomplishments the young association has made in expanding its breadth and redeveloping its structure. The trainings mark a milestone for India’s real estate market conducting global business and developing international relationships and networking, and the press release gave great publicity to the organization and its continued progress. All in all, NARI has made significant steps forward with the continued support of NAR and IRPF.

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