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The International Real Property Foundation (IRPF) is an independent, non-profit, public purpose 501c (3) Foundation which works with developing and restructuring countries seeking to strengthen their real property markets and make them more efficient and transparent. We believe our work is important because functioning real estate markets are vital to so many dimensions of social, economic and democratic development and are a key, vital contributor to the alleviation of long term poverty.

We focus on the developing countries of the world where our expert practitioners and property professionals collaborate with emerging real estate groups, governments and private firms. We address and remove institutional impediments to the efficient transfer of property and we facilitate the ability of potential buyers to buy and rent, owners to sell and developers to develop. Our core competencies are in:

  • Real Estate Market Assessment and Diagnostics
  • Association Development and Strategic Planning
  • Strengthening Real Estate Capital Markets
  • Streamlining/developing Transparent Land Titling/Registration Systems
  • Developing Legal and Regulatory Reform Strategies
  • Providing Advocacy/Marketing Advice.
  • Program Development and Delivery to support the real estate brokerage and valuation professionals.
  • Educating governments, academics and end users on the importance of market efficiencies.
Established in 1992, IRPF has delivered technical assistance in 27 countries over four continents and helped create 84 self-sustaining real estate associations representing over 170,000 practitioners.

International Real Property Foundation
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